We accept articles and essays written by and about Black British women and Black women living in the UK and across the African diaspora. Please note our use of the term ‘Black’ pertains to people of Sub-saharan African descent and we do not subscribe to ‘political blackness’.

We are a space for marginalised voices to write about themselves in their own words and so articles by writers within this category are most welcome. On occasion, we accept writing by women of other races, and people of other genders, provided that the focus is intersectional and in-keeping with the No Fly on the WALL values – for example you will find articles on our site about FGM, mental health, and masculinity written by writers who do not define themselves as ‘Black women’.

We are interested in mid-length (600 – 800 words) reflective/ investigative/ critical pieces as well as long-form reads and essays (800 – 1500 words). We’re pretty open to suggestions in terms of topics, but, depending on what’s happening in the world at the time, may want to commission specific pieces, which are direct responses to the news.

No Fly on the WALL is an independent, unfunded, grassroots project, however as of the latter part of 2016, we have been focusing on ways to ensure we are sustainable and creating content that really matters. With that in mind, as of January 2017, we will be offering (small) fees for pieces.

Email with your short pitch.