Our key beliefs and principles are the very pillars that form the backbone of our movement:


  • Taking Up Space’: We believe marginalised voices must take up their rightful space in this world and deserve to have their voices heard, lived experiences believed, and should be visible in a world of constant erasure.


  • ‘(Un)learning’: We believe that it is possible to unlearn the messed up shit society has taught us but it takes willingness. You must want to change.


  • ‘Creating Safe Spaces’: We unapologetically advocate creating safe spaces and sista circles, free from the very voices that often drown us out. We do not subscribe to the shambolic and shallow misrepresentation of what a safe space is. Everybody, especially Black and Brown bodies, needs spaces in which to heal.


  • ‘Community empowerment’: Too often we have to explain our humanity to those who seek to undermine it. We spend a lot of time trying to be accepted in societies that endeavour to exclude us, neglecting the work that needs to be done in our homes and communities. This is why community, networking, and understanding your neighbour is a priority for us. This is why we ask people from the same community to take up space and (un)learn together before tackling the big wide world and holding the same conversations. It’s important to know others are going through the same things you are.


We believe in disrupting the status quo and challenging white supremacist hetero-normative (and rather homogeneous) patriarchy. We believe in small (as well as great) acts of defiance. We believe that anger can be righteous and is a necessary impetus for change. We believe in destroying tired, reductive, and limiting stereotypes of Black womanhood and seek to explore the infinite possibilities for Black women in the UK (and beyond) to survive and thrive. We believe in collaboration and meaningful networking. We believe that one should never be just a fly on the wall.


We do everything with these values in mind.