#NFotWat2 – An Evening of Affirmation and Celebration

On Saturday 25th July, over 50 people squeezed into the walls of Common House, Bethnal Green to join the team in celebrating two years of our work and two years of flyness. With a lively panel exploring how to ‘take up space’, a powerful keynote speech about self-care and mental health, as well as spoken word and musical performances, we celebrated in style, surrounded by friends and supporters. Huge thank you to The Redchurch Brewery for their kind donation of classic Bethnal Green Ale. Special thanks to Ifeyinwa Frederick, Seyi Newell, Malia Bouattia, Asabi Hawah, Laura Clemo, Samantha Asumadu, Adama Jalloh, Sarah Nwafor, and Troy Aidoo for donating their wisdom and talents.

Videos highlights will go live on our Youtube Channel later this month, but here are some beautiful pictures from the night, captured by photographer, Sarah Nwafor. For more images, head over to our Facebook page, ‘like’ us, and keep up with all our work.

IMG_9010 IMG_8911 IMG_9014 IMG_9044 IMG_9096 IMG_9095 IMG_9056 IMG_9049 IMG_9097 IMG_9098 IMG_9101 IMG_9104 IMG_9138 IMG_9135 IMG_9123 IMG_9141 IMG_9159 IMG_9160 IMG_9177 IMG_9174 IMG_9170 IMG_9169 IMG_9194 IMG_9181 IMG_9198 IMG_9203 IMG_9243 IMG_9222 IMG_9220 IMG_9249 IMG_9304 IMG_9330 IMG_9363 IMG_9367 IMG_9500 IMG_9443 IMG_9434 IMG_9660 IMG_9535 IMG_9716 IMG_9693 IMG_9771 IMG_9752 IMG_9819 IMG_9859 IMG_9931 IMG_9886 IMG_9881 IMG_9747 IMG_9687

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