BREAKING NEWS: The No Fly on the WALL Academy site is now LIVE!

Exclamation mark on fire

The No Fly on the WALL Academy site is now live! This is the specially dedicated website for all things NFotW Academy. There, you will find details of our workshops and how to book, information about our events, as well as information about our workshop facilitators and a selection of testimonials.

The No Fly on the WALL Academy is the outreach arm of No Fly on the WALL. Through our academy, we run workshops and masterclasses, host events and panels, and provide networking opportunities for Black British women and Black women living in the UK, our comrades, and our allies. Our aim is to facilitate the (un)learning process and aw(o)kening of those who seek to challenge the current status quo and dismantle white supremacist-capitalist-heteronormative-patriarchy using Black Feminist theory and praxis using an Intersectional lens.

We work with schools, colleges, universities, workplaces and individuals and host monthly events in London and across the UK.

To find out more, visit the new site here.

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